Super Hero’s

When I was a kid there was a great television show called the six million dollar man!  Steve Austin (Lee Majors) was incredible!  He could run faster, jump higher, see further and could hear conversations a great distances with out any effort!  He would always find himself in precarious situations where his re-manufactured body would save the day!  He was one of my hero’s!  He was honest, strong and determined!  I would arrange my schedule (prior to tivo and dvr’s) so that I could catch the show, even the re-runs!  I loved the six million dollar man, his integrity and all around demeanor made me want to be like him.
As I grew older…I realized that I could not have Steve Austin as my hero, I began to realize that he was not real, he was only the idea of a group of writers who had a persona to create with a target audience to appease!  So I had to look else where!  It was not long after this that I discovered a hero rich environment!  They (Heros) where every where!  I remember a Hero name Frank Goodlett, one named Herald Rivers,  There was Jerry Knight, Dr. Jim Hampton, Bill Morris and Howard Steiner.  Heroes where all around me!
You might be at this moment trying to figure out where I found all of these heros!  I found them at First Baptist Church, Clarksville Tennessee.  These godly men had a profound influence on my life!  God has used men over the years to shape my life!  I love heroes of faith who have chosen to live for God!
One of my favorite hero’s is a man name Jerry D, Moore.  This man individually has probably had the greatest impact on my life!  He loves Jesus…and he loves me!  Brother Jerry is an amazing man with an amazing testimony!  God has used him in a great way across sixty years of ministry!  Bother Jerry recently retired from the pastorate  but that has not minimized his life long pursuit to share the gospel every where he goes!  Jerry Moore is my hero because he is so much like Jesus!
Find a hero!  I would like to suggest that you go to the hero rich environment!  The local Church!  I love you all! <><