Our future is here…

Our future is here….

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to sit down around the table with 14 very energetic people! I had lunch with our College Ministry Creative and Leadership team. I could not help but get excited, because of their excitement! I know that God is up to something and I am truly stoked about being a part of it!
We talk ad nauseam about the future. Many times we fail (epically) at realizing the future is here. As I looked into the young eyes around the table I saw potential and danger sitting before me. Everyone of these leaders have the potential to lead. They have hopes, plans and goals and they want to achieve. As their leader, I have to let them lead in the here and now. I am looking for opportunities to allow each of them to lead! This, could be dangerous. It could be disastrous. But I cannot call them leaders, if I fail to give them opportunities to lead. The Bible teaches us in Proverbs “Plans fail when there is not counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” At age 50, I want my ministry to college and 20 somethings to succeed! The best way to accomplish this goal is by allowing wise input from young leaders! Our future is here!
I truly am looking forward to the next year in ministry. God is up to something big in the lives of the young leaders in my church and ministry! I am praying that a mighty move of God starts here in Florida and that these young leaders will boldly proclaim Jesus and that many will be drawn to Him. Our goal this year, is to make Him famous! I love you all<><