I voted

Well…yesterday…I exercised one of my privileges as a citizen of the United States of America by stepping into a voting booth and making a choice for the person I feel best represents my beliefs and interest. My youngest daughter Bethany also had the opportunity for the first time to be a part of the selection process for our parties candidate for the 2012 Presidential election that will be held November 6.

I thought about posting this blog last night, but felt the need to give my thoughts sometime so that I could formulate them with minimal aggression and disappointment.

By reading this blog post, you have probably already figured out that my candidate did not win my state. My daughter’s candidate did not win either. As a matter of fact, the people that we feel best represent our interest were not in the top two spots.

I am not a sore loser or a complainer, I believe in this great country and more importantly I believe in the Sovereignty of God. I realize that He has everything firmly under control but I must admit I cannot help but share my disdain with the current political system.

Even though I am aggravated, I will eventually get in line and by November, I will vote again and choose the person I feel best represents the values that I hold near and dear.

But…does it really matter?

This is the question that I want to pose today. I believe that the current political selection system is flawed and that Money and the Media are actually the ones responsible for making the selection.

This flawed system that politicians with personal agenda’s have created is in need of complete reform and this problem should be on every American’s radar.

I am overwhelmed and ashamed at the amount of money that was spent in the great state of Florida to run negative campaign adds. With our country on the fast track to bankruptcy, politicians from both sides of the isle are willing to drop millions of dollars to make promises they never intend to keep. In watching all of this develop, I cannot help but wonder what kind of sane person would actually want to be president any way.

We need to shift the focus. Our country needs a National Primary that is held on the same day for every American. This would force candidates to consider every state and keep the Media from demonizing individuals they don’t like. More emphasis should be placed on state elections. If as much scrutiny was placed on electing Senators and Congressmen that we place on the Presidential election process the States would be better able to send people to Washington who would truly represent their state and the constituents. Accountability starts at home. Senators and Congressmen not complying can either perform or be replaced in the next election. I also believe that term limits should be placed on every political office. There are clowns in Washington that have been there way to long. Many from my own state who for all intents and purposes, are total embarrassments.

We need to wake up. Something needs to happen. I do not have the answers but I am willing to sit down with people who are tired of the status quo and search for solutions that will help make America great again.

We need to send every politician a strong message! We are fed up and ready for real change.

Thanks for allowing me to rant, would love to hear your thoughts!
I love this country<><