Four Must…

make a difference

Yesterday, I met with a couple that has been married for 67 yearsreflecting this morning on my meeting with this wonderful couple, I thought of four things that we must do as a body to reach this generation for Christ…

We must welcome people! I cannot over-emphasize this point. We need to constantly concentrate on making people feel welcome. Mellenials need to feel welcome…we need to go out of our way (get out of our comfort zone) to welcome people to our family. People who come and feel welcome will come back. If they come back, it is because they feel there is something there for them. Welcome everyone! Go out of your way to say hello. Call them by their names. This is a critical task for a church plant. Let’s just do it!

We must empower people! Our church belongs to God! You are being empowered to do ministry. God wants you to do whatever it takes to reach people for His Kingdom. Please do not be afraid to serve. You are uniquely gifted. Your ministry in our church is welcome. We are developing teams so that all of our people will have a place to serve. Service is crucial…What ministry team are you a part of? Call, text, tweet or facebook me and I promise I will have a ministry team leader contact you and plug you in! Do it today!

We must change with the times-Please don’t misunderstand me in this statement. The word of God is timeless and unchanging. But society and cultures are always changing. We as the body of Christ must look at new ways of taking the timeless gospel and then apply it to a constantly changing society. We can never do things the way we always have and expect different results. We have to be all about understanding this generation to be able to offer the hope that comes from a real relationship with Jesus. This sometimes requires us to get outside of our comfort zones. I want to remind you that outside of our comfort zone is often where God uses us in a big way. As disciples of Christ, we are to willingly and obediently follow His leading. Jesus went out of His way to reach people. He did not spend a lot of time in the temple trying to reach the church people. He went out into the countryside to teach and reach the unreachable. Let us not be afraid of change. Step out of your comfort zone and meet someone new!

We must contribute! This point should go without saying, but I want to take a moment to encourage you to give. There are many things that you can contribute. Our church must have money to operate. Giving to the church is not something that you have to do…it is something that you get to do! God loves a cheerful giver. It takes money to reach people so please consider giving faithfully and consistently. We also need to contribute thoughts and ideas to the ministries that you serve in. As I stated earlier in this post, you are uniquely gifted by a Holy God. He has gifted you in this way to contribute in His Church. In ministry meetings you should contribute by sharing your thoughts on the ministry you are serving in. What you think matters to your Ministry Team Leader, your staff, your Pastor and His Church. So give!

I have made it my goal that over the next few months I am going to get into the homes of each of our senior saints to share my vision for our church. I also want to encourage you to get to know some of these wonderful seniors that God has blessed us with.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><