A millennial’s response…to SBC’s potential issues of Homosexuality and Boy Scouts


I am posting a millennial’s response to a USA article written by Bob Smietana, entitled “Baptists consider dropping Boy Scouts” an issue that SBC will discuss and consider today. I am praying for our convention. As a pastor that leads a church that is made up mainly of millennial’s,these types of issues really makes it difficult to do ministry in the area in which I serve.

First I am posting the link to the article, then I am posting this young mans initial response after reading the article, then you will read my response and his answer to my response

I would love to hear from you and how you feel about this issue?


His response after reading the article

Things like this is why the SBC will not ever lead any movements to reach the next generation. What good does this do? Will they vote to stop supporting the military next? After all, the military “allow gays”. Maybe they should vote to ban supporting any political figures of any party because they are all liars, and I believe lying is a sin according to God. Lets boycott everything, because that accomplishes so much. I grew up Southern Baptist. I get the culture of the SBC. I know about all the good the SBC does in certain areas of ministry. I understand all that and this stuff still drives me insane. If this bothers a child of SBC upbringing how much more does a lost world look at these shenanigans and dismiss the SBC? Look no further than the reader comments at the bottom of the article.

My response to his original statement

I agree, but I can also see the slippery slide that the ethics commission (SBC) have to deal with. What is the answer?

His answer…

The answer? Well first of all I think SBC is too far gone to be the engine of real change for the current & future generations, at least in America. They’ve burned too many bridges & created a “brand” that many unchurched want nothing to do with.

But on this particular issue what is the answer? Easy, there’s not an issue. They created one. Just like the 10 commandments monument in Starke. They are creating a controversy then are going to “stand firm”. Any employer in America isn’t allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Do we boycott them because they “allow gays”? No, that’s absurd. Allowing a sinner of a particular type to join a civic organization is a far cry from an endorsement of homosexuality. The slippery slope isn’t the acceptance of sin, but the legalistic shunning of, ultimately, EVERYONE. We should not endorse homosexuality, but we shouldn’t single it out either. The Boy Scouts are a good organization. They are simply saying they won’t turn these people away. I have no problem with that.

As the church collective, the issue of homosexuality needs to be approached in 2 particular ways:

1. Don’t approach it by being against “homosexuality”, but preach & prove that the Bible teaches that sex is for one man & one woman in a married, monogamous relationship. After you’ve established that, you can address not only homosexuality but all sexual sin.

2. Deal with it directly on an individual level. Don’t attack the collective group. Someone who has a relationship with an individual is more likely to listened to and not be called a “bigot” because you can show that individual that you care for & respect them, while still disagreeing on a particular issue. Furthermore, on the individual level you can methodically explain WHY your faith believes this and that we aren’t just “gay haters”.

A vote up or down for the Boy Scouts ultimately means nothing. The fact that they are having the vote at all is enough to show they are completely out of touch.

Now, if the Boy Scouts became a big gay front group and started pushing an agenda of homosexuality, that’s a different issue. I still think it doesn’t need and SBC vote, but should be handled at the individual & church level.

Anyone else have any thoughts? What do I know? I have no formal training like the mighty old men in suits from the SBC. This just seems common sense to me. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Jesus typically deal with sin at the individual level? In fact, as I remember it, and I could be wrong, but the only times he called out whole groups of people for their sin was when he was talking to the RELIGIOUS elites. Like I said, I could be wrong, but that was just a thought.

What do you think?