We are blessed


I sit here this morning overwhelmed at the provision of a Wonderful, Mighty and Sovereign God. My prayer for each POINT person today is that we individually realize the blessing that God has bestowed on our church plant.

God is at work…I don’t want us to lose sight of this. This past week we were truly blessed by a wonderful Student Ministry from Springfield Georgia. In all of my years of student ministry, I have never seen a more precious group of Jesus loving young people . They came and they gave…they owned their mission. God is already blessing our church as they touched countless lives in our community that have already attended one of our worship services. These students were a great blessing to this church planter and to our church. I love each of these people who came, and I am looking forward to in the very near future making a trip north just to hang out with these amazing students. A special thank you to their Student Pastor David Sharp…thanks for your leadership.

I also want to mention this morning a wonderful Church from our local community. I am overwhelmed and so thankful for the mission team from San Jose Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. They are working on our Melrose buildings this week helping us to become better witnesses in our neighborhood. Years of neglect have taken toll on our old buildings and this mission team has tackled the task with gusto! By providing these needed repairs it will allow us to open the doors of these buildings as a Community Center where we can truly reach and bless people. This is why God has placed our plant in this city. We are to have a heart for the community and I am thankful for my brothers from San Jose .

Wanted to talk a little about Life Groups and Community…God has placed each of you in the community that He has to be a light. We are to let our lights shine so that people can see and meet Jesus. If you are not currently a part of a life group, I want to encourage you to do this. I realize that the life group is the strength of our church. If we are going to be strong, it will be because we are joined through life groups. Contact Pastor Theo if your are not currently in a life group and he will help you find the right one.

We also have an amazing opportunity coming up! July 20 is going to be our one day VBS. I need all hands on deck! If we are going to reach people…we are going to have to come together. Our VBS is going to be amazing. You can pre-register children on our website VBS Registration

One other thing that I want you to be involved in. On July 28 we are going to have a family day in Riverside Park. We are going to provide hot dogs and drinks for every one in the park. This is a great opportunity for us to meet unchurched people. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Bring your yard chairs and some food. It is going to be an awesome day.

I love you all with the love of the LORD! Tell someone about Jesus today.