bright future

Our future is bright

It has been Another amazing week here at the POINT! God continues to bring people to our BUILDING to hear about HIM!. Truly amazing things are happening and I just wanted to take a moment to share with you all that God is doing in our church.

First, I need you praying. The bible teaches “The effective [a]prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much”. Let’s be a people of deep prayer. Talk to God…I have found that He is always ready with an answer we just need to call.

I also need you giving. The Bible teaches us that to whom much is given, much is required. We have been blessed with an opportunity to change North Florida with the gospel of Jesus and this totally stokes me. We are growing and with growth comes greater opportunities to reach this generation for Christ. This is why we have been placed here on this earth So please pray and give with a cheerful heart. Be thankful about all that God is doing in and through our church.

I an also asking that you pray that we will be able to find effective ways to reduce the cost of our building insurance. The company that writes our insurance policy is doing a walk through on our buildings on July 11. We have corrected many discrepancies, please pray that every thing will go well with this walk thru.

This past weekend was spent meeting with the staff. After coming home from our retreat, I wanted to share with each of you some of the things that God has placed on my heart.

We (the staff) are hard at work developing an infrastructure for our church. This process will help us to set the tone for the way that we are going to operate and do ministry for many years to come. Pray for the team that has been task with putting this plan together. We will be bringing a new constitution and by laws before the church on August 18. We will set time aside for any questions that anyone might have concerning this process prior to voting (as a church) on this issue on September 1.

I will also be presenting a new board of directors on September 1. Please pray for me as I pray through and seek out capable people who will be willing to be a part of the board of directors.

As many of you already know, I want to bring everyone up to date on some of our plans that have been initiated to reduce energy cost. We have temporarily closed down the Euclid building for the remainder of the summer. This should greatly reduce energy cost. We are moving the Mary Martha life-group into the conference room this coming Sunday (7/14). The Men’s life-group will be moving to Pastor Kyle’s office in the main office. On Wednesday evening’s we have suspended the meal and will be meet in the Conference room at 6:30pm. Our College Ministry and Student ministry will meet up stairs in the large class room of the Melrose Building. All of these measures will save us money by reducing energy usage.
Now, I want to share some vision and some of our ministry goals…We have a very bright future.

We are looking at increasing the Children’s ministry space by eventually taking the conference room and developing it into a children’s class room. Our Children’s ministry is growing very fast and we are very quickly running out of space. This is a wonderful problem to have. Please pray as we look at how to meet the challenges of rapid growth in this ministry area.

Another thing that totally excites me is that we are looking at Planting another POINT Church in September of 2014. This is something that we all need to be excited about. We want to be the church that plants churches. We need to be all about being missional and planting and equipping new works has always been a part of our DNA. Be praying as God continues to lead in showing us the area that we need to concentrate on. We want to be able to fund this and model it from our current setting so I want to encourage you to PRAY and believe that God can do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever hope for or imagine!

To continue on the thought of planting churches, we want to share our vision for planting a church in 2016 somewhere in the Panhandle of Florida. God is raising up leaders in our church and we know that there is a great need for church plants. I am praying that God uses us here at the POINT to be Missional leaders in this area. In 2018 we would like to plant a church In St. Johns or Flagler county. This aggressive church planting plan will set us on course to plant a new work every two years. I believe this is a God size project that will require total trust in Him to make this happen. So be praying!

Another opportunity that we are currently and fervently praying about is the possibilities of developing a Child Care facility on our Avondale campus. We are thinking this may be possible as early as 2015. There is a great need for this type of ministry and I believe it would be a wonderful opportunity to really minister to young families in our area or to families that drive through our part of town on their way to their jobs in downtown Jacksonville. This plan has great potential and we would very much covet your prayers as we discuss and dream through all of the possibilities.

Finally, we are also looking at the possibility of creating a coffee house and community center on our property. This plan also has great ministry potential and could be an awesome outreach arm for our church. We would use our own human resources to develop the Melrose Building and turn it into something that could make a huge impact on the Kingdom of God in the west side of Jacksonville. It would be wonderful to have people from the community on our campus everyday. I believe that we could truly be a lighthouse in Ortega/Avondale that would shine all over Duval county and North Florida. Be praying as we continually develop these plans.

Well, as you can tell…there is a lot going on here at the POINT! We need everyone fully involved. God has placed His hands on us so lets be diligent in our commitment to Him!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><