How does God view you?


Do you ever think about this question?

I do, I can’t help but wonder if I am measuring up…

Sometimes I must admit that it seems that the bar has been set…way to high.

So I ponder…wanting to please in my relationship, wanting to be in a right with God, wanting to be all that and a bag of chips for Jesus.

But like many, I struggle…face it, we all struggle.

We want to be like Jesus, but quickly realize how hard it is…how can we overcome this struggle?

One of the things that has helped me the most is to invite accountability.

I believe that we must invite accountability into our lives. We have to have someone that is going to sharpen us. We have to have someone who will ask us the tough questions. We have to have someone that we can and will be absolutely honest with. Accountability is an essential key.

Another key is that we also have to remind our selves every day that we have to turn from sin and self. A relationship with Jesus has to be built on trust. We must trust Him completely. So by inviting accountability into our lives and changing habits and attitudes helps to shape us into being the person that God wants us to be.

The bible teaches us that is is by “grace we are saved…through faith”.

We are saved when we believe that perfection came into the world for the imperfect. We are saved when we realize that immortality came for the mortal. We are saved when we believe.

This leads back to my original question…How does God view you?

I love the answer to this question because I am a child of the King. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He made you and me unique with purpose and passion. He has plans for those who will call upon His name. God views the believer through the filter of Jesus. He loves us and wants us to love and trust Him completely. We may not measure up, but Jesus did…we may not have it all figured out…but Jesus does. It is not about what you have done or haven’t done. It is about trusting and following Him.

So how does God view you? Hopefully, He is looking at you through the Jesus lens. If not, email me at and I would love to share how to make this happen.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><