Guest post by Sheila Stockdale


As I stated yesterday, I challenged my life group to read Romans 8:1-3 and tie it to the Christmas season. Here is the second one that I received. This is from my wonderful wife of almost 34 years.

God bless you all

Pastor J<>< Romans 8:1-3 The scriptures tell me that because I belong to Christ, sin no longer has power over me. As a human, born with a sin-nature, I am unable to keep all the laws and follow all the rules, but because God sent His Son to earth to live a sinless life, die for me and be raised again, I am no longer condemned to eternity separated from God. Thinking about this promise from scripture during this time of year helps me to keep my focus on what is truly important. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. The shopping, decorations, baking, parties and celebrations are all wonderful and fun. But we would not be doing any of these things, had Christ not come. The baby Jesus, God in the flesh, came down to earth to live among His people. He left His place in Heaven to come and experience life as we, His creation experiences it. He did it all for us. Can we not then, do something in return for Him? Can we enjoy this special time of year by remembering His sacrifice for us. I’m not saying we shouldn’t trim the tree or give gifts. But let’s remember why we are doing these things. As we give gifts to those we love, let’s remember that Jesus was the greatest gift ever given to us. Let’s keep our focus on Him as we celebrate! Sheila Stockdale