Method vs. Movement


I have always believed that the Word of God is timeless. But I realize…that times change. This is a real challenge for the modern church that is striving to reach its community.

The modern church needs to change its methods with the times and we need to make this happen…without compromising the timeless truths of the scripture.

How do we do this?

Its simple really…We can accomplish this by developing real, meaningful and honest relationships with the people who are searching. In my community, I meet people everyday who are searching. I am finding that the people in my community are looking for a place to connect. This is great news for the church. At the POINT, we are always looking for ways to connect the people in our community to what we already have going on in our gathering. We ask important questions, like “Does our community know that we are here?” or “Do we add value to our community?” By honestly answering these questions, it helps us to focus on the needs of our community and create movement that will eventually offer us an opportunity to share the unchanging gospel.

Face it…people that are searching are not routinely giving the church a try any longer…I believe it is because many have been to the modern church and for whatever reason…did not connect.

Outdated methods and ministries have to be constantly evaluated for effectiveness. I am convinced that our main vision at the POINT will always be change.

For us (the POINT), we realize that it would be foolish to plan to reach a shrinking demographic when 60% of our community is under the age of 30…So in our evaluation of effective ministries we have to keep this fact in the forefront of our thinking. We have to think through the processes…considering the unique make up of our community.

Mission First…we are called on to “Go and make disciple’s…”

Disciple making for the believer…is owning my responsibility to help others follow Jesus.

I have found the best way to do this is by getting to really know the people that I am trying to reach.

We accomplish this through meeting people where they are in life. This can be difficult for those from traditional church. We decided that we want to be known for we are for…not for what we are against. Overcoming the bad reputations of former evangelical works in our community is a difficult thing. Church Planting is hard and in many ways its because of those who have gone before us sharing a legalistic and rigid gospel.

I want to help make Jesus known in the community that I have planted a church.

Our methods include not doing Church the way that it has always been done. We have decided that we are not going to go to church…we are going to be the church. We have decided to be progressive and proactive and take the timeless and life changing gospel into a world that is vastly different than it was 20 years ago.

We can do this.

We must remember that it is not about us…its not about the method…it is about a movement that is born in the heart of one who is completely sold out to Jesus…this is our time!

Let us be about the movement!

I love you all

Pastor J