Energy…(Time management)


The old Steve Miller song tells us that “Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future”.

Now that I have stuck this cool song from the 70’s in your head…let me tell you that I very much believe this…I believe that time, if left unmanaged…will control you.

Being a church planter and a leader in a rapidly growing ministry has taught me the importance of managing my time. No matter what kind of work you do…I believe these time tested and valuable principles will work for you and help you gain control of your life.

I have found that there are well intentioned time thieves everywhere. Discipline is the key. Controlling my calendar means that sometimes I have to check off the grid in order to be productive…Sunday is coming. If I am covered up and involved in everything little thing…I do not do the important things that I have to do…very well

Living in the digital world has presented the modern leader with some great challenges. Social Media, multiple emails, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have also put some time wasters right at your fingertips. Digital access does not always provide the time savings features that one would think. Checking off the grid…really means checking off the grid. It means turning wifi off and placing your phone in airplane mode.

When I realized that my life and time were spinning out of control, I sat down by my self…and began to review what each hour of my week really looked like. It did not take very long to realize that there were some mammoth problems.

I was so involved in every aspect and trying to do everything so in effect…I was not doing anything very well at all. Understanding the importance of delegation, I began to look at leadership areas that I could completely let go of. This was hard for me at first because I love challenges but as I cut these areas I began to see the benefit of letting some of these task go. I have found that by being freed up allowed me so much more time to pursue other projects. Gaining time and clarity allowed quality to return to my work.

I had to determine what areas of ministry and life that I was going to devote the most of my energy too. As I began to review areas that were unique to me. Things like teaching and preaching. I am the main speaker and teacher at the church that I lead. I know that preparing for Sunday takes much of my time. So I decided since this is one of the most important things that I do, I would make this a calendar priority. I make sure to schedule ample time for preparation and I refuse (unless there is an emergency) to change this.

I carefully thought through and evaluated my life and calendar…the more I cut, the easier the process became. This has been a freeing experience for me and now the energy I expend is on projects that I can be most effective at.

Remember these valuable keys

Discipline is the key!
Check off the grid!
Evaluate your time!
Determine what areas of your life you are going to devote the most energy to.
Cut the excess!

What is keeping you from getting control of your life and calendar?

I love you all

Pastor J