The cost of following Jesus is dramatic…


In my last post…we discussed following Jesus and decided that the cost of following Jesus was complete…I believe this!

I also believe that the cost of following Jesus is dramatic.

There has to be a change…this change requires the individual to step off the sidelines and into the game. When you follow Jesus…people will notice. A dramatic change has to take place. Think about what happens, we die to self. That seems pretty dramatic to me. My mission…my motivation…my message and method…will change. Following Jesus is a complete game changer.

The bible teaches that “if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation…old things have passed away…behold new things have come.”

When you absolutely and completely follow the Lord Jesus, there will be a dramatic difference in the way you deal with people.

Think about that statement just for just a moment. Because we have been saved…we are to become blessings to other people. I like being a blessing. But I have to remember why I have been given an opportunity to be a blessing. It is not for me…I have been given the opportunity to be a blessing to bring glory to God. The dramatic change in my life and total surrender and obedience compels me to be a blessing to others for the sake of Christ. What I am trying to say…is that because of the radical change in my life I really don’t have a choice in the matter. My life and the actions of my life are to bring glory to the one who changed me.

Now I realize that there are those who will read this post and not agree. That is ok…it really is. I understand that there are those who believe in Christ and still make excuses for their bad behavior.

I believe that a radical transformation will realign every area of our lives and when we find ourselves making excuses for our bad behavior the Holy Spirit of God will bring immediate conviction and should cause us to change our attitude.

Not only will our dealings with other people change, it will also change the way that we approach and deal with the problems that life brings.

Total surrender to Christ seems to bring clarity even to the most mammoth of problems that we may experience and have to deal with. God’s word teaches us to be anxious for nothing…maybe Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine, google it) figured something out when he said “what me worry”. For the sold out believer, the battle is the Lords and we are given opportunity to bring glory to Him in all of our challenges.

The cost of following Jesus is dramatic! Today, I want you to evaluate your life. Has there been a change? Are you a blessing to those that God puts in your path?

Every step that the believer takes is ordained by God…be a blessing and bring Glory to Him!

I love you all!

Pastor J<><