The cost of following Jesus is sacrificial


“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple…” Jesus

The cost of following Jesus is sacrificial

This is the third blog in this series that I have posted over the past week on the cost of following Jesus.

In the first post I wrote the cost of following Jesus is complete. I believe this simple concept. I understand the day that we first follow Jesus by genuinely believing in Him is exactly enough…It is our faith in Jesus that saves us. We are saved when we believe. We must never forget this…we have been bought and paid for at a great cost. God’s amazing plan…even before creation began was to redeem you and me by sending His perfect Son Jesus. He did this to satisfy the wrong in our depraved and indifferent lives…He did this to offer us the hope of eternity with Him in heaven.

In the next blog post, I wrote that the cost of following Jesus is dramatic...I believe that there has to be a change in the life of the one who believes. You cannot totally believe in Jesus and not be changed. Following Jesus is a game changer. It affects every area of our lives.

So this morning, we pick up by saying the cost of following Jesus is sacrificial…I really believe this. We have to willingly bear our own cross. We have to die to sin and self and follow Him. Our own lives and plans have to be set aside as we pick up His agenda and adventurously navigate the life course that He has set for us.

It is no longer about what we want…it is about all that He wants from us. For the believer, God has made away for us to worship Him. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I am trying to communicate here…salvation is God’s gift…the Bible teaches that “It is by grace we are saved through faith” Our belief in God is what saves us…our submission to His perfect will is what sustains us…I truly believe that following Jesus cost….it cost us everything…

So my question for you this morning, is what are you willing to lay down…to sacrifice…for Him?

I love you all

Pastor J