Be intentional…


Creativity and growth…What will work for us?

We talk a lot about creativity and vision in the modern church movement…Sometimes I wonder if we might be overthinking this…

In my current realm as a church leader and planter, I am always praying and searching for new ways to reach the community that we have planted our young church in. As I search and pray, I am quickly realizing that to really reach my community…that my self, the staff and the core group of people that I lead need to learn to be more intentional in our efforts to take the gospel out of our building.

We have to be creative and inventive in the way that we share the love of Christ without minimizing the importance of our biblically mandated mission. I read a tweet recently describing creativity as a “conscious & non-conscious activity; thinking with a pen in your hand & day dreaming in the shower.” I could not help but smile as I read this. I loved the premiss of the writers thoughts and realized that this is what it is going to take!

We at the POINT have to have a DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES attitude and just let our creativity run wild. The sky is the limit and we have people to reach with the life changing gospel of Jesus…

Solomon, the wisest man in the Bible wrote “What has been will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.” So we must revisit past outreach efforts and decide what will work best for us here at the POINT. I want…I invite your input. Please let me here from you.

We are currently working on a survey for those who are members of the POINT already, we want to make sure that we are doing the best that we can and no one understands what is going on here better than those who attend week after week. You should have the survey in your hands or on line by the middle of July….

Mark August 24th on your calendar as this will be our next Open House! I am strongly encouraging each person at the POINT to be intentional! Be thinking of your family and friends and invite them to be a part of all that we have going on here at the POINT!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><