Who are your FIVE????


I am certain this morning as I write the words to this blog that those who read this, specifically those individuals that are members of the POINT (The Church I lead) will begin to put great thought into the five people they are planning on being intentional with and inviting into a discipleship relationship.

Who are your five?

Can I just share with you this morning that Testimony Tuesday will be a great day to step out of your comfort zone and invite someone into your life for a real discipleship adventure.

Before you invite someone in…you have to make sure that you are Clean and Close in your relationship with Jesus. True disciples as we discussed this past Sunday are actively involved in the following:

Disciples are…

Worshiping People
Praying People
Bible Reading People
Serving People
Giving People
Disciple making People

A disciple making believer will be involved in all of those things listed above. Take sometime today to evaluate your life and walk.. How are you doing in these areas? Take out a sheet of paper and a comfortable pen and write the six areas down.

Leave some room to make notes and honestly (between you and God) evaluate your life. Identify the areas that you need to work on for improvement. Formulate a plan. This is key, remember that will get you to where you want to be in your walk with Jesus.

You cannot make disciples if you are not a disciple…

Are you walking the way that He wants you to walk?

I love you all!

Pastor Jeffery<><