One of my biggest challenges in my life and ministry is having enough time to accomplish all that seems to be added to my plate each and everyday.

I never seem to have enough time. I started thinking the other day about successful and significant people. They are always delivering something new and fresh and then moving on to accomplish and conquer the next impressive task at hand.

These people have the same amount of time as I do!

They have learned somethings on their life journey. I wanted to know what made these people so impressive so I began to stalk some of their activity. I was determined to find out how they accomplished great feats. As I observed, I quickly began to notice some characteristics that I want to share with you in this blog post. You have also probably have noticed somethings that successful people are known for…so if you wouldn’t mind, take some time to share what you have noticed.

1. They do not chase trivial things. These time managers remain focused and faithful. They look at their overall goal and decide quickly not to pursue things that are not in their best interest or that will take away from the job at hand.

2. They have also learned to say no. These stalwarts have no problem insuring that they do not over commit the valuable time that is given to them. They are resolute and firm in begging off task that will pull them off point and remain laser focused on the project at hand.

3. They understand what they are trying to accomplish. They do their research early and develop a plan of action. They put in place measurable benchmarks so they can insure that they stay on task.

4. They are accountable-They do not make excuses. They quickly recognize a mis-step and fix the problem. They are accountable for the faux pas and take corrective actions to make sure that it does not happen again.

5. They work harder and smarter than everyone else.

What can we add to this list?

I love you all

Pastor Jeffery<><