Forgiveness…(Walking in the Light)


read 1 John chapter 1

Darkness, un-forgiveness and hate…

These are words that kind of jumped right off the page of my Bible this morning as I read in 1 John. These are words that we have been taught not to speak out loud or even think about… but unfortunately many times we think them. We allow un-forgiveness a little space in our hearts and we sometimes even entertain thoughts of hate. In allowing this behavior to creep into our lives…so comes the darkness.

We live in a dark and broken world.

So many people are struggling. I meet people who’s lives are in a real mess, I was talking with my daughter yesterday who shared that many people that she talked with at a church event recently revealed the real life struggles they are dealing with.

We must never forget that Satan is on the prowl…he is seeking whom he may devour. He wants us to throw in the towel and give up. We must remember that His (God’s) love never fails…it never gives up. I am thankful this morning that greater is He that is in me…than he that is in the world.

What we have to realize this morning faith-filled believer…is that Christ is our advocate. This means that Jesus pleads before God on our behalf. He is our number one supporter, He has our back, He is our promoter, our proponent, our spokesman, our campaigner. He is our fighter and protector. He is a willing crusader that has gone before to prepare a place for us…and for this I am thankful.

I love you all

Pastor Jeffery