Spiritual Health

spiritual health

Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding…In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight…

We talk a lot about getting fit and healthy. Please don’t get me wrong these are very important to life an vitality and should be a part of everyones daily routine. But there is another aspect to our health and well being…Spiritual Health…

Spiritual health starts with trusting in the Lord…we are to trust with all of our heart…we are to trust from our inner most being.
In Bible times when they talked about the heart…they were talking about our core…they were talking about the soul.

They unknowingly at that time in history put the heart at the center of the intellect. They understood the importance of the heart, but more importantly they understood the significance of trusting in a higher power…

These early believers understood God’s provision…

I want you to think with me for just a minute, God has given us everything, He has given us proper foods, He has given us the right environment to live and thrive in. He has given us the ability to think and to process. Spiritual health begins with understanding. It includes getting away from everything for times of meditation…we need to plan time just to slow our minds down and seek guidance from the Lord.

This process involves proper nutrition, it involves work and exercise. We were not created to be idle, our soul longs for physical and mental stimulation…we are to trust in Him…We are to have faith and believe. Faith is nothing more than believing.

The scripture teaches us not depend on our own understanding, we are to acknowledge God simply because He is. He is the great I am, He is the great provider and by completely trusting in Him…will allow God to direct our paths.

Get alone with God today!

I love you all.

Pastor Jeffery<><