Major Prayer Request


Good morning,

I am writing to the membership and friends of the POINT this morning with a major prayer request for our church. If possible, I am asking that each of you share this post with all of your praying friends. I am believing that God is going to do something great in this unique challenge that we are facing as a church plant.

The property on the west side of our building is owned by a property development company. They have been so gracious to us in allowing us to park cars on their property over the past two years and for this we are very thankful.

Around Thanksgiving 2014, they began the process of developing the property and are very close to building four houses down St. Johns Ave. This will greatly stifle our ability to park cars and will limit us greatly in the future.

I have talked with the owner who is willing to sell the lot adjacent to our property. If we were able to purchase this property it would ease our parking woes and allow us to not have a new house and privacy fence on our western border. He is asking 95 thousand dollars for the property.

I know this amount seems overwhelming. I have not been able to sleep very well over the past month just thinking about it. Our church finances are close every month. We are making our budget but there is just not a lot of extra money to spare. Going into debt is not an avenue that I want to travel down…but I also do not want to hamstring the future growth of our gathering by not attempting to raise the funds and purchase this property.

I am asking that you pray. I know that $95k is small potatoes for our Lord. I am believing that we can raise this money. I also believe that there may be someone who reads this post that would be able to write a check and make this happen. Parking always seems to be a big factor in urban church settings. Please pray. Let’s be proactive and make this happen.

If you have expertise in the areas of commercial real estate or tax incentives for property developers I would also value your counsel.

I love you all and I am praying that God gives us this property.

Pastor Jeff<><