The Past

the past

Does your past haunt you?

In my 55 years of life…daily spinning around on this planet we call home…I like to think!

I have learned some valuable lessons while traveling down life’s highway at warp speed. I would like to take this opportunity to share a lesson that I have learned…or that I am learning.

The life lesson that I would like to share with you today is about dealing with the past.

We all have a past!

Some of us have past that are not so good.

Some of us are totally ashamed of our past

Some of our past might even seem kind of vanilla…

But…our past are exactly that…they are in the past..

The lesson that I have learned is that you cannot change the past. Once it happens, it is in the book…time moves on…waiting for no man. Oftentimes we spend way to much of our mojo trying to fix the major screw ups of life. We expend so much energy attempting to do what we cannot do, because no one can change the past.

I think about some of my ginormous screw ups. Thinking about these life missteps does not change anything. I cannot change my what has happened…but I can learn from my past. I can purposefully make choices and make course corrections so that my future will be better. I can control my future and you can too.

So today, instead of dwelling on the messes that dot the roadmap of your life…focus on the future. Focus on the choices that you are going to make and the direction that you are going take.

Trust in the Lord…with all of your heart. God has BIG plans for you. So learn from the past…and then reach for the stars…

Because you have a great future!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeffery<><