Treat different people…differently


I am always amazed at how we try to reach people who are totally different from us. Churches have had to become laboratories were tried and true methods are constantly being challenged changed and in some cases…totally discarded. The world is so different now and the modern church must quickly identify the differences in people and adjust their plans at creating community and attempting effective outreach.

I believe that the Word of God is timeless…but times will change. We must change with the times. We have to figure out ways to get the true and timeless gospel into the lives of those who are moving into the neighborhoods around us. The way we do outreach in the waning part of the second decade of the 21st Century will help us appraise how evangelical we truly are.

We must be open to suggestions and quickly move away from methods that are not working.

As bad as I hate to admit it…the 90’s are a distant blimp on my ministry radar. Methods that were successful in the 90’s are not working today. Some churches are stuck in the 60’s or earlier decades. Your grand mothers church is struggling to remain relevant in a changing society. Reaching people in 2015 has unique challenges so we must think through these processes. If we are truly going to be a missional church in our community…we are going to have to employ different methods on reaching out and being relevant.

As a Pastor, I am constantly searching for methods to reach and mobilize the millennial’s that are attending the gathering that I lead. Every week I am totally surprised at the variety of people visiting our gathering. The way that we set up our first impression ministry should reflect the diversity of the people coming to your service. I am finding that we have one shot to get people from the street to the seat. So careful planning should be made to make this evolution successful.

We have to treat different people…different. It is ok to be uncomfortable. Awkward moments oftentimes teach us and serves as a great tool to help us understand others. I love those awkward life moments.

Outreach is risky business…you have to be willing to put yourself out there. You have to be willing to search out the ONE. We must remember that the “ONE” is important to Jesus…therefore they should be important to us also! Let’s go and get them…no excuses!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeffery<><