ten things that I love…

10 things i love

Ten things I love…

#1. Jesus-He is my life!
#2. My wife Sheila-37 years and she is still my best friend!
#3. My girls-God has blessed me with 3 Rockin daughters who are not only great daughters…they are good friends and they have chosen great men (I also love my son’s in law)
#4. I love my grand kids-God has blessed me with wonderful, beautiful and smart grand kids that I truly look forward to seeing and hanging out with!
#5. I love the men and women on our leadership team at the POINT-God has assembled a wonderful group of people that have fun making much off Jesus!
#6. I love my Church-I am so thankful for the church that God has called me to pastor!
#7. I love life groups-Something to be said about doing life with people who love me in spite of me!
#8. I love my city-Jacksonville is truly an amazing place to live and do life!
#9. I love a good cup of coffee-Venti bold no room are my favorite words @Starbucks every morning.
#10. I love technology-I am all about the devices that make my life easier!

What are your ten things?

I love you all

Pastor Jeff<><