Praying for your wife…

The longer I Pastor people who are struggling, the more I realize how people who love the Lord have difficulties coping during the tough times.

More and more I find my self counseling husbands and wives who are struggling in their relationships with each other. One of the most interesting things that I have learned is the fact that husbands and wives do not know how to pray for one another.

So many people are asking for some structure that will help them navigate through the process of praying. So I thought that I would put some thought into developing a structure to help husbands and wives.

Hopefully the list below will help you as you begin to pray for your loved one. This also works for dating couples.

Today I want to start with the husband.

Pray for the health and well being of your wife.

Pray that your wife will submit to you and follow as you lead and love her like Christ loves the church.

Pray that your wife manages your home well, caring for family and friends with a wonderful and godly attitude.

Pray that your wife would be a beacon for Jesus.

Pray that she would be accountable to you as you are accountable to her.

Pray that your wife will do what ever it takes to protect time on your family calendar to spend quality time alone with you.

Pray that your wife will make you her top priority as you make her your top priority.

I hope these points will help. Remember husbands…it is your responsibility to pray. Start today!

I love you all

Pastor Jeff<><