Revival of Prayer LIST…

We are praying for…

Nicole Callias (Complete Healing)
Jordan Callias (Strength for the journey ahead)
Chloe and Gadsden (that they will handle this process well)

Harry and Kristin Hatcher (That God allows them to enjoy many more days with little Truett)
Truett Hatcher (That God protects him and keeps him safe)

Waller Stockdale (Comfort and Peace during a difficult time for my family, my dad has Congestive Heart Failure and decreased Kidney function which rules him out of being a candidate for surgery)
Earlene Stockdale (That her nerves can handle everything that is going on as she counts on my dad for so much)

Andy and Cathy Lewis family (I thought I would give you some details so that you & your sweet church family could pray specifically for our family…it is dealing with Cayleigh (Jonathan’s daughter) her and her siblings live with their mother who has been very toxic for the children. Please pray that these children will be removed from the home and placed with people who are going to truly love and genuinely care for them.)

Sam Stefanelli (young sailor in San Diego who is requesting prayer)

Aaron Grubbs (one of our Own Sailors who is serving abroad, pray for his safety, and that God uses him in a big way)
Michelle Grubbs (Spencer, Lilly and Toby, pray for this beautiful family since dad is away and mom has so much to take care of)

Austin and Rachel Crownover (IMB Missionaries to Hamburg Germany, pray that God uses them in a big way as they settle in a begin the process of planting, pray that they will find an apartment)(Pray for Uriah and Noa their children)

Jeff and Brigitte Crannage (IMB Missionaries) pray that God continues to provide the human resources they need to reach their area which is very populous)

Danny and Heather Nelson (Missionaries to Panama, pray that God will continue to use them to minister to the children in the mountains and that Heather can continue to help those children who have hearing issues)

Will Herndon (Missionary in Argentina, pray that he will continue to reach those in the soccer community and pray for his wonderful family)

Summer Jones (Pray for her as she prepares for her mission to Las Angeles, she will be working in the dream center there)

Mary Ellen Gwynes (Pray for her health, she has scarring on the right side of her brain and a tumor on the left side that is considered benign)

Elle (3 y/o with an inoperable brain tumor)

Karla Keen (Back problems that are flared up at the moment)

The Touchton family lost a son…

God’s provision for the Sanchez family

Pray for Alyssa, Lindsay Tinnon Stefanelli family and Thomas Gainey

D. L. Lane and Tayia (D. L. lost his mom)

Eileen-(Pray for her grand children)

Becky Palmer-Pray for her grand kids that are sick

David Sharp-(Youth group from FBC Springfield GA. On mission in Richmond Virginia and the flu bug is on the move.

Joanne Wood ask that we Pray for Bill

For Diane Dobbs