Quit quitting…Start dreaming

I meet so many people who are simply marking time through the minutes of their lives and this is truly unfortunate.

Something may have happened somewhere along life’s highway that caused a major derail from the life goals that you once had.

I want to encourage you today…

I want you to quit quitting and start dreaming!

I want you to break out your life billows and rekindle the spark of the dreams that you once had…

You have to deal with somethings in the here and now.

The important thing is not to give up on your life dream!

Maybe your life dream has been crushed because you are in a dead end job that is totally stealing your joy and sacking your life.

This is such a difficult place to be. In these situations you have to diligently search for the good in the job that your currently doing and began developing an exit strategy.

You need to do the best that you can possibly do while your in the job…but you should begin immediately searching for the dream job that you have always wanted.

You may have to in some cases be willing to get some training or possibly relocate. Careful planning is required. I have found that planning helps to break the chains of monotany and open opportunities for personal growth by dreaming.

I have found that dreaming brings me great joy! So what are you waiting for? It cost you nothing to dream!

I love you all!

Pastor J<><