I am convinced that we all have way to much stuff!

Its enough to drive a fella bonkers!

I find that by just simply going into my garage is an evolution in craziness. I know what you are thinking right now…your thinking “don’t go into your garage.” And please understand that I agree with you…I try not too…but occasionally I need a screw driver, wrench or a thing-a-ma-bob… and find my way making the trek out of the frying pan and swan diving into the fire.

As I bend to unlock the latch to open the door…I can feel the stress level rising.

There I stand…looking at all of the stuff that have accumulated…all of the stuff that I never use…I begin to think about what I am going to do with all of this stuff…and then…well…you know…I close the door quickly and start dreaming of sailboats…or tiny houses or recreational vehicles…I have got to downsize…

I realize that I am caught up and can’t help but feel the overwhelming emotional stress that all of the stuff brings me. It takes me back to the one of the horrors of my childhood. My families Saturday morning ritual was cleaning the garage. I remember waking up and feeling the impending doom of the day, knowing that I would spend hours going through and cleaning out the garage. We did this task almost every week and never really seemed to get rid of anything…It was a true exercise in futility that my parents forced upon me…they had no idea that I would carry this overwhelming trauma (I am purposely being melodramatic) through the rest of my life. I always feel the need to get up and do something on Saturday for no apparent reason.

I am convinced that Simplicity has to be the solution!

I recently had a conversation with a good friend who is in the process of “rightsizing” his life. I have decided that I like his terminology. For years I have heard people talk about downsizing, this is something that I have even tried. I feel good about this process for a little while but slowly find my self accumulating the “stuff” all over again keeping the process very much alive in my life.

It is time to break the cycle!

Sheila and I have been raising kids for the past 33 years. Our youngest child will be married this coming January and this blessed event has caused us to reevaluate our living arrangements. We are currently planning on moving (right sizing) in to a small condo near the church that I serve. So by thinking ahead is forcing me to think about all of the stuff that brings me stress. I am planning a major yard sale. What does not sell I am planning on taking the City Rescue Missions thrift store. I am simplifying and right sizing my life and I already feel better…thanks for letting me unload the wagon.

You pray for me and let me know how I can pray for you!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><