Perfect Peace

Have you ever been excited and overwhelmed at the same time? This is the state that I am currently in. There is so much is going on in the community in which I live as well as the planet that we all call home. To quote Steve Miller “…time keeps on slippin…in to the future.” And it is slipping at a fairly quick clip.

So we live in a world where people are searching…I know that the people that I pastor are overwhelmed also. Never before have have I witnessed so many people searching for peace. People are truly looking for “a peace that surpasses all understanding.

I know this peace…I have experienced this peace first hand. This peace invaded my life many years ago and I have never been able to get passed it. This peace…is what pushes me forward and helps me to keep my head in the game. This peace keeps me seeking first the Kingdom…it keeps me seeking His righteousness.

This peace has a name…this name is name that is above all names. At the mention of this name every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess.

The name of this peace is Jesus!

He is perfect peace, He is the author and perfecter of faith of those who know Him intimately,

He is perfect peace.

If you are searching today…trust Jesus. I would love to help you know Him. If you are searching and are not sure. Please feel free to email me at I will return your email very quickly and hopefully be able to help you find the peace that Jesus brings.

I am praying for you right now!

Pastor Jeff<><