Why Together?

We pick up today with my because you ask segment. Hopefully we’ve answered the questions “What is the gospel” and “why live it out“. This morning I want to remind each of you that we need each other. We were created to worship Him and the cool thing is, is that we get to do this together. I like to believe that their is strength in numbers…so today, I want to attempt to answer the question Why together?


The Gospel is a wonderful story of togetherness. We are the body of Christ. Doing life together is truly a family thing. God did not create us to be alone. We find strength and encouragement from one another. God created us for community with Himself and with the rest of His creation. He created us to live out His Kingdom-first principle. He created us to live out His glorious gospel. So as we find our place in His story, we can find comfort knowing that we don’t have to live life by ourselves. God has given us one another with the intent that we would do life together. Not only does this benefit us, but as we step into the kind of Church that God wants us to be, we want our love for each other to represent Him to the world that He wants us to reach.