Is Silence Really Golden?

Is silence really golden? I guess that depends on who you ask.

There are times when I like the peace and quiet…there is something pretty special about the early morning. I love this quiet time when the sun’s light has not yet peeked over the eastern horizon. Those calm moments before the world awakens seem to renew and refresh me…these special quiet moments seem to bring me an excited and hushed kind of energy.

Then there are those times when I cherish the crazy noise that life makes. I find myself thriving on banter between friends at a coffee shop…I love the sounds that a city makes as it carries out its daily functions. I love the horns blowing and the sirens blaring…the sounds of people moving…these sounds feed my soul and give me an unusual energy that is hard to explain.

Silence for some is deafening, I hear stories about it almost every day. Never before have I met so many people who feel so very much alone. I realize that we truly live in a broken world. So many people are searching for significance,  trying to find their voice, trying to be heard, trying to make a life noise that somehow seems to allude them.

The Bible teaches us to “Be Still…” This is great advice for us because it literally means that we are to “stop fighting” and to take a break from the struggle. This psalm from the Holy scripture wants the reader to understand that they need to cease striving…to take a moment and reflect and know that God is God. We need to realize that there are times when we need to just be still, especially when either the silence or the noise becomes so overwhelming.

I want you to know that there is one who can calm every fear and break every chain. There is one who can right every wrong. His name is a name that is above all names.

His name is Jesus…He is the Savior, God sent Him to live, love, and offer hope to those who believe on His powerful name. I wonder…do you know Him?

I hope and pray that you do…if you would like to know more about Him please feel free to contact me at I would love to talk with you.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><