Mindset vs. Lifestyle

I love words…I really do…

I live by words…I try and put words on paper so that I can communicate what God has called me to do to the people that I lead.

I know that words have the power to change lives as well as the power to hurt people deeply. Stick and stones can break bones…and in reality, words can hurt pretty bad also.

Today…I want to talk about two words. I want to talk about the words mindset and lifestyle.

Mindset is defined as an established set of attitudes held by an individual. We know that an attitude is something that constantly under goes change. Attitudes are often determined by the way you feel or the circumstances that you are dealing with.

Hopefully you can see that because mindsets change, they sometimes can be for the best…but sometimes…they can be for the worse and cause major problems in your life.

Lifestyles are very much different from mindset. A lifestyle is the way that a person or group chooses to live. It is a choice or an action. It is what you are actually going to try an do consistently.

A great example of these two words can be found in the following phrase:

“Christianity is more than a mindset…it is a lifestyle!”

Your faith in God should not be determined by the way that you are feeling or the circumstances that you are dealing with. Our relationship with God is much more than a feeling. It is truly a choice.

This choice is made the moment that you in faith believe that God is who He says that He is.

Hopefully you can see…that following Jesus is much more than a mindset…it is a lifestyle.

For the follower of God…others should be able to look at you and see Jesus.

I hope this makes sense to you…

What kind of lifestyle do you have?

I love you all.

Pastor J<><