Don’t let the fire die

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song entitled “Don’t let the fire die”. This song which debuted in the early 90’s had such a profound effect on me as a follower of Christ. I love the meaning of the song. It showed me how I had let the routine and mundane diminish the fire that I had once possessed for my Lord and His gospel. It seemed that just by living life…my fervor had begun to cool I knew that I needed to stoke the fire.

When a person believes, accepts and enters into a relationship with Jesus in faith…this event is Truly a life changing experience. According to scripture, transformation takes place. Our “little light” shines brightly and we gladly share it with a dark world. Our life change is new and fresh and we cannot wait to make much of Jesus.

I am convinced that the fire that we experienced when we first met Jesus requires fuel to keep it burning. We have to set a strategic plan in place. Stoking the fire is necessary if we truly want to experience a daily walk.

In pondering this, I began to think about what stoking the fire in my life should look like. So I took some time to list several things that are critical to our plan and I hope and pray that they may help you.

  1. Our plan must start on our knees. We need daily communication with the Father. The Word teaches us to pray without ceasing. Every moment of every day…we need to be communicating with God. That clean and close communication helps to keep us on our A game.
  2. Another essential part of the plan is that we must spend time in the word. I have found that setting aside a dedicated time each day helps me to accomplish this important task. What I found early on in my walk, is just by setting aside this time each day, I actually look forward to delving into the Bible. There are many Bible apps available to help you keep on track. I recommend you find a version (for personal study) that you are comfortable with. I normally preach from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), but my personal preference for my own quiet time is in the New Living Translation (NLT). I want to encourage you to find a version of the Bible that works, find a time and a comfortable place, and jump in.
  3. We also need relationships with other believers. The Bible teaches that Iron sharpens iron. We really need one another. If we are open and honest, we realize that we can actually learn from one another. So you should schedule time with people who believe and are in a relationship with Jesus. Take time to share with one another, make time to pray for one another, share your struggles. These simple exercises will help you when you encounter those who do not believe. Taking the gospel to the streets requires diligence and strength. Hanging out with other Christ Followers gives you encouragements and power.

These three simple things will help you on your journey. When you have no strategy to be re-fueled, it’s no wonder the fire dies down.

So…don’t let the fire die!

I love you all!

Pastor J<><