The problem with distraction…

Distraction is the de-railer of forward progress.

So many times in ministry I have experienced forward progress being stymied by meaningless distractions. I personally believe that the devil is the engineer on the “City of distraction” train and he is looking for subtle ways to take the leader and the organization off task by cropping up with little ankle biting distractions.

It is critical that the leader keeps a laser focus on the organizational task at hand. He must always consider that the great commission and great commandments require forward thinking and a workable plan. If the leader allows himself to be bogged down by minor issues that keep the organization from accomplishing goals, wheel-spin starts and the organization sputters. The leader must plan for and realize that not everyone is going to be completely on board with the organization. This is especially true when change is on the agenda. It is imperative that the leader stays the course and not concede and allow personal agendas to run you or the organization on the rocks.

In my 30 plus years as a leader, I have some suggestions that might help you as you lead!

1. You must remember, you are in control of your thoughts and action. You must listen to your leadership team and membership, but you do not have to respond without carefully considering the change you are trying to lead. I have found that it is best to pray through difficult situations and stay the course!

2. Have your team speak with one voice. This is vital. You have to insure that your ideas and projects are kept in the hopper (in the leadership team) until they are fully thought through and totally ready to be released to the organization. Half or partial information confuses people. It is easy to poke holes in plans that have not been fully vetted. So careful preparation in strategic shifts that will bring major change to the organization must be fully discussed and planned. Your team needs to understand that ideas and projects need to be kept on the down low until they are fully ready to be discussed.

3. Leaders must apply clear vision that moves the organization in the right direction. Loyalty and discretion are paramount.

4. The leader must stay focused and positive. He must bring enthusiastic energy in dealing with distractions. It can be difficult but the leader must remember that any major organizational changes will bring uncertainty to the organization so the leader must keep positive.

5. The leader needs not waste energy on those who will not get on board. The leader cannot allow energy drains as this will kill momentum and frustrate all those involved. There comes a time when the leader has to be willing to move forward even if the distracting individual decides not to move on with the organization.

I hope these have helped you, you might have others suggestions that you would be willing to share!

I love you all with the Love of the Father!

Pastor Jeff<><