Faith trumps Culture

Every day on planet earth our clocks keep ticking, and it seems as if humanity out does itself and we become more and more fractured from the society that we live, work and function within. Crazy things are taking place here on this third rock from the sun, and many times these events appear to go unnoticed. Perpetual motion seems to carry us onward with little or no attempt by ordinary people to gain control of this wackiness and wickedness the world produces. We live our lives not thinking about earth’s other inhabitants or the consequences of our actions.

For once, I just wish that we as people could figure out how to live in harmony with one another. We humans should long to change the world. I believe that we were created to love God. Because of His Amazing love for us, we are supposed to love one another. We all are living here together on this tiny ball in God’s astonishing universe; we should look for ways to find commonality and work together. Our relationships should be conversational as we better understand one another. We have to realize; our culture does not have to define us; As a follower of Christ, I am to be salt and light to a dark and bland world. People should not see me; they should see Christ in me. We need one another. Faith is the mechanism that moves expectations and beliefs. Social and Cultural mores drive our behaviors. But Faith trumps Culture. Faith changes you! What it makes is a different person because it makes us about God.

As a believer, my life should be characterized by change. My old ways should dissipate as I mature as a Christ Follower. I am to chuck my old agenda and take on the attributes of Christ. The Bible tells me that I am to be an imitator of Christ. The old person should transform into a new person. Old habits are to be set aside as I develop new ones.

Selfishness (even in the church) seems to be the action de jour. We put our desires on the launch pad and become upset and pouty if we do not get our way. We have redefined community. When we think about community, we reflect on those who act, vote, work, worship and look very much like we do. The community is much more than this. It is a blending of people with different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. We here in the good ole USA are truly an amalgamation many cultures. Think about it; in reality, we all are a bunch of mutts!

The gospel has to be central to our faith. Believers will reach the masses through conversation. We have to talk about Christ. We have to make much of Jesus. I believe that a changed life will change lives. So we must get people talking. Talking about the gospel will mean that we will have to understand its urgency. There is a risk here, by being conversational about the gospel, it will open the believer up for criticism from an unsaved world. When this happens, we must realize that it is not about us, it is about Christ who is in us, so the risk is worth it because people are worth saving!

I want to encourage you today to let your light shine before everyone. Let the desperate world see the Holy Spirit in you. Take the risk, talk about Jesus! You will be glad that you did!

I love you all!

Pastor J