Holy discontentment

I am struggling of late; I am discontent. My relationship with the Lord is solid, and of this I am certain. I love Jesus, and I know that He loves me. His incredible love for me brings me peace and comfort. This peace offers me hope and future. I am confident that everything taking place on the planet is no surprise to an all mighty and Holy God, He is, by the way, all knowing and all powerful. I understand all of this, but for me today, a mere human, when I see all that is going on in my country and the world that I live, I must admit, I have a longing for heaven. I hurt for people who do not know Jesus. I worry for people who do not understand how to love those who in many situations are unlovable. The world keeps moving, and I find myself overwhelmed at the events of the day and cannot help but ask the question, where is the church?

I love the people of my church, but I am finding that I can’t help wanting them to do more to make much of our Lord and Savior in the city that God has called us to serve collectively. I want them to get it, I want each one to understand that a relationship with Jesus changes everything and living in the shadows is unacceptable, I want them to know and realize that Jesus is Lord of everything in our lives, or…He is not Lord at all. We have to let our lights shine before all men; they need to see Jesus in us. The Church needs to stand up and make its presence known not by condoning or condemning, but by sharing this glorious gospel that brings life to those who are spiritually dead.

If our lives as believers are not causing us some discomfort, we are not doing it right. Following Jesus and living a righteous life is not always comfortable. He never told us that it would be easy. The choice that we have to make is whether or not we are going to allow our holy discontent to take us underground. It is time to stand up for what we believe in as believers. I am not talking about being condemning or judgemental. I am talking about living out your faith. I am talking about letting people see Christ in you. I hope that you are discontent in your walk. My prayer is that together we will make much of Jesus every minute of every day! My prayer is that the city I live in and love will experience a movement of God!

I love you all!

Pastor J