We pick up our post this morning continuing to develop the acrostic about SERVE teams. We feel that to serve, you must have these qualities. The cool thing is that all of these qualities are already in each of us. We will highlight the second letter E this morning.

The E represents the word encourage! We were created to be encouragers. This quality for a SERVE team member is fundamental. Think with me for a minute, think about what it is like to visit somewhere for the first or second time. No matter how outgoing you are, there are always feelings of trepidation. Most people have a fear of the unknown and going somewhere where every other person appears to know what is going on can be a bit unsettling.

An encouraging word is an invitation into your life. People respond to genuine encouragement. Being an encourager cost you nothing. The action of being an encourager opens doors and gives you an opportunity to create community. So I want to encourage you today…to encourage others! You can start this morning at work! Try it. I am confident that you will like the results!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff