Today I finish up our acrostic for SERVE teams. Our fifth letter is the letter E. This E stands for EQUIP. My hope in writing these blog post is to help those who belong to the church that I lead to an understanding of the requirements needed to SERVE! I pray that each of our members takes on the challenge and finds a place of service. At the POINT, every member is a minister so applying these requirements is paramount in answering the needs of our guest. To recap the acrostic, we have the words Smile, Encourage, Reach out, Validate and today Equip.

Equipping our guest with information that will help answer any questions they might have should have a high priority. The easiest way to EQUIP our guest is by getting them to our Connection Point in the front of the worship center. We have information available that we can put in their hands so they can take it with them. We also will have gifts available for our guest. The second way we can help is by being available all over our campus is by being willing to answer any questions our guest might have. These individual meetings will give us the opportunity to employ our SERVE strategy and hopefully make these folks feel comfortable and loved.

Our goal is to get our guest to come back and become members. So please, do not be afraid to do ministry. People respond to helpful, friendly attitudes. I hope that each of you realizes that you have “stuff” to be a part of the SERVE teams. So make sure to find one of the SERVE cards, fill it out and leave it at the Connection Point, place it in the offering bucket or give it to any Pastoral Team Member.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff