In search of a word for HUNKER

I am perplexed; the English language has let me down. I am sitting in my favorite chair with plenty of hurricane snacks at my disposal. My family is safe, as the wind is picking up, and the rain continues to fall.

My Facebook and Twitter feed is full of the word HUNKER as Floridians are digging in and waiting for this monster storm to pass. I commented yesterday how ugly a word Hunker is. So today, I wanted to see if I could find a synonym for this verb that is a household term for coastal states in the southeast US. I first went to the dictionary to see what the word means, the definition is:

Hunker (verb [no object])
1. squat or crouch down low: he hunkered down beside her.
• Hunch; bend: burly workers hunkered over the menu of the day.
• U.S. take shelter in a defensive position:
2. (hunker down) apply oneself seriously to a task: students hunkered down to prepare for the examinations.

ORIGIN: early 18th century: probably related to Dutch huiken and German hocken.

Needless to say, this definition did not satisfy my search. So I continued to work! The next thing that I attempted was Google Translate. I tried to translate Hunker into German, French, Portuguese and Greek with no result. I finally found something when I tried Spanish. The word “Hunker” translates to “Cadera” in Spanish. Searching for the definition of “cadera”,  shows me that this word in Spanish means “hip.”

So now I sit here disapointed. I have exhausted my search by doing 15 minutes of solid research with no result. I am not any closer to finding a better word to use. So I have decided (unless some of my Hispanic friends tell me not too) that from this point on, I am going to Cadera down!

Stay Safe my friends!

Pastor Jeff