Monday morning Irma update

It is early Monday morning, and the winds are finally dying down has Irma is moving north with a vengeance. Many people in the Jacksonville metropolitan area are without power as trees are down in every part of our beautiful city. I am currently watching the weather channel as their reporters are downtown Jacksonville (my neighborhood) reporting flooding and a rising river. Jacksonville is a city of seven bridges, and at this point, all of the bridges have suspended traffic.

I am praying this morning for the people in my city and state. I feel encouraged as the daylight is breaking and reports are coming in from the people that I pastor. So many of our members have experienced damage or are without power, but they are ok. I am praying for our church property this morning. I have not had a report on our large Cathedral style roof, but I am trusting God and am ready to do what ever needs to be done to make repairs. Please be praying for our church property!

As you begin to assess your needs this morning, please let me know what you need, and we will start to mobilize our members! I love you all, and I am in prayer this morning. Please call me if you need me.

If anyone is over near the Church property, please check it out and send me pictures if possible.

Standing by, ready to assist!

Pastor Jeff!