Irma Relief

The Point is up and running! The power is on, and we are ready to assist our community. I need your help. We are going to mobilize saw teams and clean up crews this Saturday morning at the Church. If you are a Point member and need help, please call me so that we can add you to the list. We have several Church Members with large trees down on their houses. Please make plans to help. There are others in the neighborhood that need help. Trees are down, and cars cannot get out of drive ways. We need to step up and share the love of Jesus through our work.

If you are still without power, I am going to open the Church up this afternoon. We will set up our Shower Trailer and allow people to get some sleep and charge their electronic devices. We also have WIFI! We will also have a special time of prayer tonight. We will all meet together in our worship center. Our Students will meet in the Underground.

Our church can make a difference in Jacksonville. Every one of our members can be a part of the relief effort by purchasing a five-gallon bucket and filling it with cleaning supplies. While we may not be able to rebuild homes, we can provide some families with a five-gallon bucket of help & hope. The Jacksonville Baptist Association is working on a list of items that families in our church can purchase and fill a five-gallon bucket that can also be purchased at local Home Depot or Lowes. I will post this supply list later in the day. The list will have needed cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and other items that will assist them in their recovery. We will also include a note of prayer and encouragement with a way to follow up for spiritual conversations and prayer.

Another area of need is for volunteers at Southside Baptist Church who is serving as a Red Cross designated temporary shelter. They are hoping to have volunteers available to serve in shifts. You can see more details on their Facebook page if you just scroll down to the video pastor Gary Webber posted. Let’s show up in a big way in helping Southside love our city.

I love you all! Let’s make a difference!

Pastor Jeff