It starts first with the sound, the sound of the vacuum sealed bag as I open it, the cacophony of the pressure as it releases is a distinctive sound that brings extreme pleasure to my ears and brain. This mystical music has a way of awakening my nerve endings, and it makes my mouth water. Immediately after the riveting racket from the bag, I experience the rush of fragrance that overtakes and invades my olfactory senses, scrambling my anticipation, my pulse rate increases, I am committed, I am in this for the long haul now, no turning back as the aroma permeates the room. I am speechless as I consider the outcome and carefully pour the wonderful, beautiful beans into the grinder. I press the button, the electric motor comes to life off balanced and rough at first, but as it continues to decimate the flavorful fruit the machine finally steady’s out, revving to a smooth motion that turns the raw bean into a finely ground powder.

Now, as I pour the fresh oily grounds into the basket, another sound, the sound of the grinds hitting the basket. My mind is on full alert now. I am anticipating the warmth, the taste, the effect. Sliding the basket into place, I add the water and press the start button on my well-used Cuisinart. The machine is like an old friend, we have been through so much together, it is so much more than a coffee maker. Seconds turn to minutes, steaming and popping sounds emanate from the machine. The single red light begins to flash as the final stages of brewing are completing. The entire kitchen is now awash with an aroma that has me giddy with expectation. My favorite cup is sitting on the counter, standing by, it is at the ready, to bring great joy.

The alarm sounds, the process is complete. I reach for the carafe and pour the black steaming nectar into the cup. I place the carafe back into the machine, lift the cup to my nose. The warm fragrance brings a smile to my face and stimulates my brain. Slowly, I take the first sip, and the taste is as good as I hoped it would be, the liquid begins to course through my bloodstream, I am alert as I make my way to my chair. Sitting comfortably in the chair, I sip…another day, more opportunities to face all the challenges that life might bring my way today. I finish the first cup of what will be many for the day. I arise, I am fully awake now! Ready Set Go!

I love you all,

Pastor Jeff