Can you see it before you see it?

Imagine with me for a minute.

I want you to think about the possibilities. Think for a few seconds about this tiny ball called earth that we are riding at thousands of miles per hour.

Take some time to ponder how time continually is moving, flying at a pace that we recognize and acknowledge, but try and justify as we move on toward the finish line that God has set in place for us.

What life accomplishment do you want people to remember?

I want to encourage you to make a mark! We have a fantastic opportunity here at the Point to engage our culture and community.

Everyone has a chance to lift off from mediocrity and orbit where the air is clear and thin. It is in this realm where ideas are born.

Orbiting here is the sphere where we are closest to our Lord.

I want to encourage you to make plans right now to leave this place that God brought you to better than it was when you entered. We have the opportunity to make much of Jesus! Can you see it?

I can see it.

I can see our church continually reaching out into a culture that seems bent on destruction.

I can see us offering hope to those who have little hope.

I love to think of all that Jesus has done for us.

Let’s do something collectively!

Let’s reach for the stars! How are you going to make a difference?

I want each of you to know that the sky is the limit, we are in the game together, let us go all in and give 100%!

Let us look diligently in the future and identify all that God has for us.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><