Awakening the sleeping giant

I am reflecting this morning as the rain falls on this raw day in North East Florida. I am thinking about this particular day that lives on in infamy. History proves to us that 76 years ago today, this great nation engaged, faced insurmountable challenges and began the process of overcoming.

This horrific event at Pearl Harbor unified a large and diverse nation. The stamina and resolve of the builder generation came to the surface as our great country found itself right smack dab in the middle of a world war. This challenge and struggle proved that our nation could depend on its citizens to rally, come together and work for democracy. Pearl Harbor shaped our country like no other event up till that time in our history.

Soldiers, Sailors, and Airman were fighting a war abroad, and the American workforce was set in motion to help in the war effort and feed the fighting machine. Corporations redesigned their manufacturing plants to accommodate the needs of the troops on the front lines. Women left home and entered the workforce. An unstoppable force would be unleashed, and victory was certain.

As we reflect on this event and the generations resolve, my prayer is that we can once again work together for good! This season is about celebrating the Prince of Peace birth. Jesus ushered hope for those who would in faith believe. As a follower, I hope and pray that we can dig deep into our faith and experience an awakening. My prayer this Christmas season is that even though the odds may seem stacked against us, that we fully involve ourselves with the Love of God and reach out to a world that is searching.

We reflect this morning on those who have gone before, and for those of us who are still in the struggle trying to make this world a better place for everyone.

Peace on Earth, I love you all!

Pastor Jeff