NFC/AFC Championship Week Predictions

I did a video last week prognosticating the remaining eight teams in the NFL 2017-18 season. I made some bold predictions, and I wound up at 50%. Not too shabby for a churchman who loves football but only follows one team. Let me remind you of my predictions from this past week.

I had Tennessee beating the Patriots. I must say that I did not believe this would happen. I was hoping this because it would have put the AFC Championship game in Jacksonville. Our beautiful city would have come off the rails if this would have happened. Currently, our city is seeing TEAL and the comradery of our winning ways are uniting our city like I have never seen before. Our city is in a Frenzy right now. The Jaguars have done a fantastic job uniting the beautiful river city by the sea.

I had Philadelphia beating Atlanta. I have to say that I enjoyed this game and I am hoping and praying that Jacksonville will get a shot at the Eagles.

I had Jacksonville beating Ben Roethlisberger and company. What a game. The Jags are the only team to beat the Steelers two times at Heinz Field in one year. I honestly believed that the Steelers were looking past Jacksonville. I am confident that those in the steel city are not Jags fans!

I had New Orleans beating the Vikings in Minnesota. In the last 60 seconds minus 10, I thought this was going to happen. Those final 10 seconds proved me wrong! Wow, what an exciting finish.

So, on to my predictions for the NFC/AFC Championship games, this coming weekend.

I am picking Philadelphia over Minnesota. I like the Eagles, and I hate it that Carson Wentz was injured early in the season. But I enjoy watching Nick Foles play. I also love watching Case Keenum. This pick was a hard for me, but after you read my next prediction, you will understand why.

I am picking my beloved Jacksonville Jaguars to beat Brady’s boys up in Foxborough! I know that the odds are considerably against us, and I know that the whole country is shaking their heads and laughing at our Amazing and Scrappy team. I can tell you that I am not only picking the Jags, I am also leading my church to┬ápray for our team and our city. New England has Belichick and Brady, but we have God and grit! Go Jags!

So I believe it will be Jacksonville and Philadelphia on February 4th in Minnesota. I like the Vikings and think it would be fantastic to host and play in the Superbowl. I just do not want our Jags to have to play someone who will have the home field advantage.

These predictions are my final attempt at calling games for the season.

I love you all and GO JAGS!

Pastor Jeff