Is there anybody left in the middle?

I am writing today out of frustration.

I hope and pray that this post does not come off as a rant!

A tirade of all that is wrong with the world is not my intention.

What I merely want to know is what has happened to the people in the middle?

With 24-hour news outlets hourly spewing unconfirmed rhetoric! We have verbose political pundits are droning on and on about the virtues of their partisan leanings. We have an incredibly biased media who think that the real news of the day comes from yelling at each other one-sided talking points that no one can understand because the gist of their message is lost in the heat of the debate as they concentrate on talking over one another. Their minds have already firm on the discussion before the debate begins, so in reality, there is no use for the conversation at all. These kinds of communications never change anything.

We have the far right, the far left, we have racist and race baiters, haters, and bullies with all of their incessant nonsense taking the news cycle by storm. Personal agendas seem to have relegated basic human decency to the back of the bus, and it looks as if everyone has to have their way.

Diplomacy is something that we now read about in history, not something much practiced today by those disconnected people that we continually seem to elect to represent us. The problem many times is that these people do not express the views of the majority of society. They surely do not represent the beliefs of those of us who are in the middle. When ordinary people that venture to the far left or far right it appears they give up their voice and have no options to believe differently. It seems that if you are not in complete lockstep with either of the sides, you have no opinion at all.

I believe that we have to stand for something, or we will fall for everything. I want my life to stand for virtue! I want my life to reflect common decency. I believe there is much room for compromise on societal issues that affect all of us. We have to remember the Golden Rule. We should treat others the way we wish we expect to be treated ourselves. People matter, all people! Even people in the middle!

So I am calling my people, those in the middle out today! Our voice matters. Treat all people with gentleness and respect. Work out your views and beliefs in a manner that is open to discussion. Be passionate about what and why you believe, temper your opinions with common courtesy. Grandmama always said you would catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff <><