Dream On

I love dreamers…

Something is appealing about people that dare to think about the possibilities. These wonderous visionaries that throw away the box and boldly color outside of the lines. I love people whos sense of adventure propels them to unknown places and ideas. They seem to be driven by a passion for making things not necessarily better, but different. These innovative individuals sometimes push the limits in the pursuit of their dream causing those who are less adventurous to call them out and try and quell their enthusiasm.

My word for dreamers today is to run from the dream killers! Do not let the various voices of compromise alter your dream. Let these overly cautious people know that your vision is not up for sale or debate. You should chase God-given dreams with passion knowing that it is not easy. Many will never understand what you are trying to accomplish There will be those who will poke fun, say hurtful things and some may even throw rocks. When these things happen, dreamers have to dig in, push back and keep the dream alive and flourishing.

I believe that God wants us to dream big! I do not think that the creator of the universe would have us live mundane and puny little lives. Jesus came and died on Calvary’s Cruel Cross so that we could have an abundant life, a life filled with God-sized dreams. I am a dreamer, and I see things the way they could be, not the way they necessarily are. I am a church planter and revitalizer. I had a dream to plant an organic church in the heart of the city. There were many people early on who wanted to highjack my idea. I learned early on in the process to keep my eye on the prize. I found that God would open big doors when I focused on His leading. He opened a massive door in March 2013 when He led us out of the theatre and into an existing Church building. God altered our dream and placed us in the center of the community that we were trying to reach. The older church that met on the property for 87 years allowed their dream to grow cold. These well-meaning individuals let momentum stall and lost their way!

This morning with coffee in hand and heart full, I realize how thankful I am that someone dreamed of planting a church on the corner of St. John’s and Euclid Avenue over 92 years ago. A preaching point in the neighborhood that would see many lives changed in the upcoming decades. And when these dreamers began to die off, and their dreams became a flicker…God, had another group of dreamers ready to move in and throw fuel on the gospel fire. This afternoon, we will engage the community at our Farmers Market. We have found that this endeavor brings prospects to our property where we can develop relationships that hopefully open opportunities for the Gospel. Today, my personal goal is to share my faith with at least 20 people at the market. I would welcome your prayers as I attempt to make much of Jesus!

I love dreamers!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><