A Royal Wedding

As I surf the news channel’s early on this Friday trying to find some important news that has substance and information only to be frustrated over the coverage of a wedding that is going to take place across the pond (a statement that I have heard a zillion times this morning). Much ado is being made over the planning and news surrounding Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding that will take place tomorrow morning in Windsor England.

News pundits from across the globe are bumbling and stumbling over themselves with an electric attitude that bubbles out in their reporting of this high dollar affair. I want to take a moment and admit that I really must be missing something here! I don’t understand why all the hoopla is being reported here in the US when there are so many more important things to discuss and figure out. This gala event has me baffled!

Are we so disconnected from the real problems and celebrations of the world that we feel the need to worship wealthy people who in the grand scheme of things do not matter? News Flash America! The Royal Family are not in charge of anything. They are holdovers from a time past when the United Kingdom was indeed an empire. Then, these people ruled by the sword and justice was dependent on whatever mood that struck them at the time they needed to make a decision. You might recall that there was this little revolution that took place around 242 years ago because of the tyranny of a Royal and the control he wanted on our new country.

I will admit that I am a sucker for a wedding (not really), but how can all of this media coverage and the millions of dollars being spent on this one-day event make anything better? I believe that much more good could have come from using the 45.8 million dollars (According to Business Insider) for this matrimonial boondoggle. According to a 2016 BBC article, there are over a quarter million homeless people in the UK. The money spent on this wedding could have made a dent in that statistic.

I am not begrudging Harry or Meghan, I hope and pray that their marriage will be beautiful, long and filled with great joy. But, I can realistically see the opportunity lost on spending so much on something that could have been done for so much less. For all of you Royal Wedding followers, I know that my post may not sit well with you and for this I am sorry. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. It is just that our priority as humans sometimes seems to be just a little off-kilter. I am not planning to get up at five in the morning to watch the event. If you choose to, I hope that you will have an opportunity for an afternoon nap. I will encourage you, however, to get up early on Sunday to go an worship a real King! His name is Jesus, and He matters!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><