Grow up Mr. President and the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles

My news feed is full this morning! 

Our over tweeting President and the Players of the Super Bowl Champion Philidelphia Eagles are missing a great opportunity. Mixed up priorities have led to a showdown of words that honestly will not do anything for anyone involved. I believe that the players are missing a great opportunity to visit the Peoples (White)  House and celebrate their great accomplishment of winning the Super Bowl. This visit could be an opportunity to put aside the protest and stand united. Everything does not have to be a protest or fight. I believe that most Americans are tired of all of this negative dialogue. Our president needs to get his feelings off his sleeve and realize that not everyone is going to like or agree with him. The players have the right to stand, kneel or refrain by staying in the locker room. The President has the right to believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. But just because he has that right to think this, does not mean that everyone will do it. As an American, it is our freedom to choose.

When I was a child, I would argue and fight using all of the words that I knew and throw tantrums if needed to make my point. But then, I grew up. I realized that not everyone is going to think or believe like me. The maturing process helped me to understand that people are different. One of the hallmarks of living in this great country is that we have the right to disagree.

So Mr. President and members of the Superbowl Champion Philidelphia Eagles! Grow up! Get over yourselves! Recognize that this is bigger than all of you. This event was meant to be a celebration of your accomplishment. This event had the potential to bridge a gap and allow us all to understand that we are in this together. This event had the potential for the people who love this country and the NFL to celebrate. Statesmanship requires maturity. It causes us to think about the highest good. There are times to stand up and fight for issues, and this is not one of those issues. I believe the way to fix the problem is just not doing the National Anthem at games. It is a great song that I love, but it does not have to be played at football games. It will not change the way I feel about this great country that I call home or the love that I have for the NFL (Go Jags). I hope this helps!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff <><