We all need a filter

Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping, into the future.

As time is doing its part by keeping on, I realize I am getting older. As I age, I know that I am getting better at dealing with stressful situations that used to cause me angst. We live in a crazy time with so much hype given to non-issues. I believe we need a filter to help us navigate the tension-filled social media world that seems to be predominant. Most everyone I know is on some social media platform. I will know that the end is near when my parents enter into the social media world which most likely will never happen. So while praying and reading this morning, I decided to compile a list that will help me filter my responses to post that fill my social media feed. I am sharing the list with you, and you can feel free to share with others.

1. You do not have to respond to everything!

Face the facts. Some people should not have a social media account. Hate filled rants usually do nothing but incite anger. Choose what you are going to respond to, you do not have to give a fool a platform. People feel empowered in the seclusion of the social media world. The feel emboldened at the keyboard and sometimes step into a different realm. Even though you may vehemently disagree, you do not have to respond. I am very cautious about what and how I react.

2. Un-friend or un-follow those who troll your social media feed.

I decided not to allow people to have a voice on my feed. Overly opinionated responses to my post take away from the message that I want to broadcast. I understand that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but their idea does not have to wind up on my page. I have no use for trolls. It is so easy and somewhat satisfying when I delete these people!

This process is a practice that I need to do more often. In the past, I would friend and follow everyone. I figured that because I am a Pastor, I might be able to change their view, this usually never works, so take it from me and cut your losses and delete.

3. Think about what and why you are posting.

Is your post helpful, insightful, encouraging? Does it honor your reputation? Is it something that needs to be said? Could it be stated differently? Is this post clear and concise? Could it create a problem for you? These are all things that you should think about before posting that message.

4. Make sure that it is grammatically correct.

There are free spelling and grammar apps that will help you. Make sure that what you are posting is correctly written.

I hope these four things will help you! Find your filter and utilize it wisely! You will be glad that you did!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff