Is honor a lost virtue?

I am wondering where honor has gone?

Has anyone seen this virtue lately?

I find myself blown away by how things are playing out in our daily culture here in this beautiful country that I call home. Common decency seems to have been replaced with cruel speech or hateful actions. Today it appears that if someone disagrees with you on the simplest of issues, they can spew hate or refuse to serve your needs. Rage, seems to be the action du jour between people who find themselves on different sides of the political spectrum. There is a great divide between those on the right and the left. This shift is rapidly moving individuals further away from one another.

In the not so distant past…there was a time when people made an effort to try and get along with one another. I was taught the golden rule in elementary school. I was taught to look for ways to honorably work problems out. What are we teaching our children today? The lessons we are teaching is that if their chosen side loses, we teach people to dig in and refuse to accept the results. Honor has become the casualty, and because of this, our republic is in great danger.

Social media is a two-edged sword that has given a platform to anyone with a smartphone. The loudest voices of those on the far right and far left seem to be getting the traction to perpetuate ugliness. I still believe that the majority of people in this great country want to try and figure out how to come up with the highest good for all the people. So how do we bring back honor?

After much prayer and reflection. I have decided to ask this question. I know that by merely asking this poignant question may label me political or even fanatical. So be it! Honor is something very much worth fighting to preserve. I believe that common decency is a virtue that we as a people need to practice. We as a society should value honor.

I want to encourage those who read this blog to consider honor. Honorable men and women work tirelessly trying to do the right thing. Honorable people champion the value of idea and debate. Honorable people seek the truth and ways to benefit all involved. I have compiled a list of what I believe Honorable people will possess as character traits. What would you add or take away from my list and why?

Honorable people Listen!

An honorable person is going to listen to others genuinely. Listening is a valuable attribute that allows a person to understand potential problems. Take time to listen to one another.

Honorable people Learn!

Honorable people are always learning. Learners are always looking for ways to improve themselves. I try and learn something new each day. I also encourage those I lead to make learning a priority. Read for understanding and teach for transformation.

Honorable people Laugh!

Laugh a little and you will feel better about everything. LIfe is way to short to take every issue so seriously. Look for the funny things that happen around you and truly laugh out loud!

Honorable people Live!

We should have a desire to live! An honorable person wants to live to the fullest. An honorable person wants to leave a legacy and be remembered for something that makes a difference!

Honorable people are Loyal!

Honorable people are incredibly Loyal. They value the team and see the potential in everyone. They realize that all people matter! They stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Honorable people Love!

Honorable people are not afraid to love. They realize that we need one another and are better together. Take some time to reach out to your neighbors and co-workers with love!

Honorable people Lead!

They take the lead and try and make a difference. These honorable leaders take up the unjust causes that affect people and look for ways to correct injustice. Don’t be afraid to lead!

I want to encourage you to be honorable!

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff