For the sake of conveinance

I want to start this post telling you how incredibly frustrated I am. I got up this morning on the right side of the bed to a beautiful sunrise. I was able to get some work done and enjoy some quiet time in my favorite chair at home. I needed to go by to the office for a bit while my wife was going to attend a 9:30 a.m. Bible Study. So, we headed out leaving the house about 8:55 a.m. My wife wanted to stop by Whataburger (which she has this convenient app with cash on it) to get something to drink before going to the Study. We get to the fast food restaurant and there are two cars in line at the drive-through with no one at the window. I automatically think that this is going to be a fast evolution and then I will be on my way in just a couple of minutes. It was nine o’clock a.m. when I pulled up behind two other customers. At 9:06 a.m. I finally made it to the speaker. Here is what takes place:

Whataburger: “Welcome to Whataburger” (popping static almost un-audible) “Would you like to try a honey biscuit?”
Me: “No thank you all I need this morning is a medium Coke and Large Black Coffee.”
Whataburger: “That will be (inaudible) at the second window.”

I pull up behind the two cars still waiting at the second window at 9:07 a.m. The first car finally pulls away at 9:10 a.m. I pull forward and watch the man in the car in front of me pay in cash. At 9:12 a.m. the Whataburger employee painfully and slowly counts back the man’s change. It is now 9:15 a.m. There are now three cars in line behind me. I am now going to be late for a 9:30 a.m. appointment. I put my car in reverse and back up a couple of inches and carefully pull forward and out of line. I made it to my office two minutes late without the drinks.

I think about my job when I worked at McDonald’s (late 70’s early 80’s) on North Second Street, in Clarksville Tennessee. Because of training and proper management, I was able to average a 37-second order fill in the Drive-through window. The store I worked in was the second busiest in the state at the time. In the late 70’s convenience and speed mattered. Highly efficient systems and proper management and training ensured that the customer was going to receive their order accurately and swiftly. This kind of service does not exist today.

Companies care more about the bottom line, reducing production cost and not caring about convenience. I will not return to Whataburger unless they change the standard poor service and better train their employees.

Ok, my rant is over, and yes, I do feel much better.

I love you all!

Get it right Whataburger!

Pastor Jeff